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My name is Thien or you can call me yun1k which is my artistic signature.
Freelance web designer sharing my life between Nice and Taipei, 
I am a pixel of the universe in love with the earth,
exploring across the globe,
thriving in joy throughout all the cultures encountered during my journeys.

It sounds like an introduction for a travel blog but that is my added value and singularity within the world of web design.

My roots in drawing and my openness allow me to understand and emphasize the characters and needs of those I ‘m working with.
I become the hand that expresses your values.
Always sticking closely with the new trends and technologies to respond effectively to requests. 
I experiment, craft and adapt in order to provide a modern highly designed website in perfect harmony with your identity.

But even if seeking beautiful design is my passion, I am first and foremost a creative problem solver who considers driving your business to become better.


Web creation & development

  • Majority of web traffic comes from a mobile device. That’s why I design on desktop in parallel with mobile and tablet, ensuring a unique and functional experience from any device.

Brand identity and visuals

 Why make your website with yun1K?

High quality design

High quality design

I customize a beautiful, modern and intuitive  website exclusively for your business, with sophisticated features yet amazing simplicity.

Responsive & functional

Responsive & functional

Dynamic appearance to suit different screen widths, ensuring a functional and pleasant experience from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop)

Performances /Security

Performances /Security

I manage your web hosting and ensure that your website is smoothly running. 
Your assets are protected and backed up. 

 Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

I optimize, improve and benchmark the online visibility for your website on search engines to drive more traffic.


Brand identity & website


Demo site for a group of backpacker photographer friends.
Logo design (representing the initials of the brand as well as its deep connection with nature and the mountain).
Creation of visuals and branding.(Shop items, banners,etc.)
The structure of the site can be summarized in a blog and artistic portfolio with an E-commerce section.

Re-design of the entire website


Swiss-Vietnam Committee based in Geneva.
Complete redesign of the client’s site, which hadn’t been toucheded in nearly a decade. It features a clean, corporate, and modern design fully responsive for mobile devices.
I also reworked the content to fit the new site and delivered a custom theme in WordPress so the client could easily alter content.

Website UI / UX development

Shih Chi Healings

Shih Chi is a wellness therapist based in Taiwan.
She uses two different holistic therapies to help clients who look for a way to improve their lives with alternative approaches.
Her request was that the website offers a first-rate user experience with an elegant and warm design in harmony with the world of her profession.

Rumors in the corridors

Sometimes, we can hear people talk.


and together, let’s bring out the best from your projects.

like a pixel among billions, we are unique and needed as we are, for the puzzle to be complete

Freelance web & graphic designer

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